About CitizenDev

Flexing a bit about ourselves

CitizenDev is a no-code agency from Vietnam. We are a young, enthusiastic and resourceful team that always want to take on new challenges. Even though we started to operate since mid 2022, our pro-code experience (we used to be a pro-code agency, dealing with AI and other fancy stuff) enabled us to bring a lot of our experience into the no-code world, including this document.

Starting as an agency, we are aiming to become a no-code enabler and professional body, whose missions will go much further than just software-development-as-a-service. This is our first attempt at letting the world know about our existence and moving towards being a professional body. We will have more and more community projects, so stay tuned!

Still curious about us? Please take a look at our website at citizendev.io.

We haven't finished the new website so there are still Lorem Ipsum...

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